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Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan for Your School Assignment

It is important to understand the importance of writing a business plan for school work. Most instructors use business plans to help you essentially acquire the skills of business writing. To start with, you have to spend some time gathering information to the assignment before you roll up your selves and write everything down on paper. The following things will describe in detail the seven section of any business plan and what you should include or not include and how to add-up the numbers and addition information so that it help you get the perfect paper. So let’s jump in and see

The Executive Summary

That give the overall outline of the business plan. This follows the title page and tells the reader the summary. This is very crucial. So the summary should be clearly stated in this section.

Business Description

Begin with a short description of the industry and discuss the present outlook and future prospects of the industry. In addition, to this this section also offers the various markets the business is operating in the research and development as well as adversities that affect the business

Marketing Strategies

By analyzing the market the entrepreneur becomes familiar with various aspects of the market to target so as to increase is competitiveness and position in the market

Competitive Analysis

This is basically to carry out a SWOT analysis of the company in question. That the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

Design and Development Plan

This helps investors to understand the description, need and the product design in context of the production, marketing and the company itself and develop a development budget that will be able to reach the company’s goals and objectives.

Operation and Management Plan

This helps the investors understand the operational and function on a continuing basis. The operational highlights the logistical and organizational responsibilities of the management team, their task and capital expenses requirement related to daily operation of the business

Financial Factors

The financial are the backbone of the business and helps in capturing the business concept and management team if the business plan is feasible or not

Business Plan Assignment Writing Services
Business Plan Assignment


The business will be a Residential real estate which will be known as Jean and Cade investments and will focus on lease. The business will be formed in the state of Texas and will incorporate two stockholders: Mary Cade and Jean Wood. The purpose of the business is a residential real estate that will provide quality housing to the residents of the state of Texas. The formal charter and agreement will be in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. According to Neal (2008, p. 360) Legal formalities with help of professionals such as real estate agents that include paying of taxes are crucial. A legal paperwork will be prepared showing business details and the neutral party such as a company that will manage documentation and funds to enable smooth running of the business. (Marianne, 2013, p.117)

Name of Business

This will give details about the Ownership of Business and detailed Information on the Business.

Market Analysis

This will entail a market research and analysis of data on the real estate business in Texas (Dennis, 2010 p. 170)

Marketing Strategy

The section will capture Advertising, Promotion and Sales Strategy

Management Plan

The contents in this section are Management and Employees administration issues.

Financial Analysis

This involves Basis, assumptions of financial analysis and detailed financial information.

Literature Review or Bibliography

The business of real estate is the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing. (Anthony, 2005, p. 2) Real estate is used mostly in the context of probate law, and means all interests in land held by a deceased person at death, excluding interests in money arising under a trust for sale of or charged on land. (David, 2007 p. 11)

According to Casenotes & Aspen Publishers (2009, p. 67) in the Philippines, real estate is an area for growth. Aside from the development of high rise buildings the business is now seeing much land development with its continuous expansion for horizontal development projects.

Someone Help me Writing My Business Plan For Me


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Anthony B. 2005 Stapleton’s Real Estate Management Practice Taylor & Francis New York.

David S. 2007 Essentials of Real Estate Investment. Dearborn Real Estate, California

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How to Write a Book Review by James Weidman

Welcome to today’s lesson. Here I will give basic writing tips and strategies that can help you write a good book review. Once this lesson is complete try, write and publishing a review of your own. Once you have completed this lesson, you can write your own book review and publish it online.

Step One: Read the Book Review I Wrote

How To Write a Book Review

Here is an example of a book review I wrote on When Heaven and Earth Changed Place: A Vietnamese Woman’s Journey from War to Peace is Le Ly’s first book of her memoirs written in 1989
The American-Vietnam of the 1950’s and 60’s was one of the most unpopular and bloodiest wars in Western world history. It was a war that the United States got directly involved in to check the spread of Communism in the Asian region. Initially, the US had only been involved as a supporter of its French ally through financial and material support. As from early 1960s, the US sent troops, money, and supplies to back the pro-Western Catholic South Vietnam under the Western puppet president Diem. The United States had refused to ratify the Geneva Accords that favored general elections in 1956 leading to unification of Vietnam. Political dissent in South Vietnam begun to move underground, culminating in the formation of Viet Cong, the Vietnamese liberation front.
The United States spent about 1000 billion dollars and sent it over 500,000 troops over the next decade to fight the war. However, the mighty US could not win the war against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces. Peace talks between the opponents stalled a number of times. Finally, the US de-escalated from Vietnam after a two decade brutal unrelenting warfare. The physical, financial, emotional, and psychological losses of the war were enormous both the Vietnamese and the Americans. As many as 50,000 U.S. troops died while over 5 million Vietnamese lost their lives and Vietnam itself was left a shell of its former self. A significant population of the Vietnamese fled to other Asian countries as well as the United States and France. Le Ly Hayslip was among the Vietnamese expatriates to the U.S, who later documented her warfare experience in her memoir titled When Heaven and Earth Changed Places.

Hayslip’s When Heaven and Earth Changed Place

Author Biography

Le Ly Hayslip was born Phung Thi Le Ly in 1949 in Ky La, present day Xa Hao Qui, a tiny town in central Vietnam near Da Nang. She was the last born of six children in a well close-knit peasant Buddhist family. Le Ly was only fortunate to receive a third grade education because a significant part of her childhood and adolescence was spent in the shadow of the infamous Vietnam War. She was only twelve years of age when American helicopters first landed in Ky La. Le Ly was enlisted as a spy and saboteur of the Viet Cong at age 14. She suffered imprisonment, near-starvation, torture, rape, as well personal loss of family members. She fled to the US in 1970 and returned to Vietnam in 1986 where she experienced the devastation, poverty and diseases brought about the US-Vietnam War. She is the author of When Heaven and Earth Changed Places: A Vietnamese Woman’s Journey from War to Peace among other memoirs.

The Book’s Content

Le Ly, the narrator, is the youngest of six children of a peasant Buddhist living in Ka Ly, a small town on the central coast of Vietnam. She learns important Buddhist philosophies from her father which help her understand the Vietnam War; her mother imparts in her values of love and bonds of family. Villagers of Ka Ly often switch allegiance for the two sides of the war, including his brother who is split between South and North (Hayslip & Wurts, 1990). The village is under the command of the Republicans during the day but ruled by the Viet Cong at night. Initially, Viet Cong’s motives correspond with beliefs and values of the southerners which making Le Ly help the Viet Cong. However, Le Ly is mistreated and sexually abused by the Viet Cong which makes her to flee to Saigon (Hayslip & Wurts, 1990).
The author and her mother experience extreme working conditions at a wealthy man’s house, Anh. Le Ly develops romantic feelings for Anh leading to her pregnancy. The businessman immediately throws out mother and daughter. Ly experiences a hard time during pregnancy including being disowned by his own father. After getting her son, Ly works in the black market to support her family. Her father commits suicide because of war disillusionment (Hayslip & Wurts, 1990). Le Ly’s initial negative opinion of the enemy is changed through her friendly engagements with Americans and relationships with her first American husband and subsequent boyfriends. She thereafter works at a hospital and GI bars before moving to the US in 1976.
When Vietnam’s Communist Party begins to allow Vietnamese expatriates back to the country in the 1980s, Le Ly makes an anxious journey back home. The reunion with her family is joyous, but she realizes that the country is controlled by great fear and the potential danger her return may have put her family into (Hayslip & Wurts, 1990). However, Le Ly takes into her stride to improve the relationship between the Communist government and the expatriates and the rest of the world.


When Heaven and Earth Changed Place: A Vietnamese Woman’s Journey from War to Peace s is Le Ly’s first book of her memoirs written in 1989. The book is a chronological documentation of her life since when she was a peasant child on the central coast of Vietnam, which was along the fault line between North and South Vietnam. The book, written with the help of Jay Wurts, explores the theme of survival as the author relates her unfortunate experiences during the US-Vietnam War and her joyous reunion with family at the return to her homeland after sixteen long years in the United States. The author narrates her first hand experience of war from every side, from a recruit of the Viet Cong to a war profiteer to a friend or ally of the American forces.
The book thoroughly explores the theme of “the enemy in war is war itself”. In the course of the war, Le Ly fights and allies with both the Viet Cong and the Americans. She experiences war brutality ranging from inhumane punishment from Republican soldiers to rape to near death from the Viet Cong to degradation and brutality from the American GI’s. The misfortunate death of her father makes Le Ly fully comprehend that the enemy in war is war itself. She is able to forgive her defaulters and find peace in own personal life.
The second major theme in the book is the significance of family bonds. Le Ly’s positive relationships with her family members – especially her parents – form the foundation of her beliefs and values throughout the US-Vietnam war and the rest of her life. She and her sisters come through for each other in significant ways. The family remains bonded despite the occasional differences between family members. The family bond also remains unshaken when the narrator returns home after seventeen years away. This is significant because the war separated and displaced lots of families besides disconnecting many people from family roots, but ultimately, Le Ly finds strong connection with her family from which she draws her strength.
The third major theme the author develops in her memoir is effect of war on identity. We witness as her identity transforms several times because of war: from daughter to mother, dependant to breadwinner, country girl to city girl, Viet Cong member to black marketer dealer. Her father transforms from a pillar father of six to a lonely, making him commit suicide. Rich people become paupers, many become homeless, landless, childless, and may die. Le Lys experiences more change on her return home: Ahn from a rich entrepreneur to an impoverished worker, her sisters from well-doing farmers into market vendors, and her brother from a stranger to a friend.


Hayslip’s When Heaven and Earth Changed Place: A Vietnamese Woman’s Journey from War to Peace is a great read in all rights. Hayslip employs a nonlinear structure that alternates the story of her life growing up in Vietnam and her return to home country. She interweaves the two stories to clear depict the rather circular nature of her journey, both physical and emotional journeys. HaySlip’s story juxtaposes the narration of her journey in a journal-like style that is complete with exact dates and names of locations on the one side, with narration of her past’s shadowy memories. In addition to tales of her own personal experiences, the author expresses lessons learned from the US-Vietnam War. She is of the opinion that tolerance and forgiveness are the answers to healing the wounds caused by the war and ultimately lead to sustainable peace, which is absolutely true. The book would be a good read to government policy-makers, citizens of nations and warmongers.

How to Write a Book Review


Hayslip, L.L & Wurts, J. (1990). When heaven and earth changed places: a Vietnamese woman’s journey from war to peace. New York City: Plume.
In the second lesson I will give the writing tips of writing book review

Paper Writing Service Kautilya Society, (2015 ), Custom Paper Writing Service Book Review. Retrieved from

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Steps by Steps of Writing a College Application Essays


When writing an application essay is a general paper that helps you “loosen up” or else “find inspiration in every day”. Well here are helpful tips that some students might use for specific directions. For these students, this article will help by giving them a step-by-step instructions on how to craft a strong application essay. These include the following

  • You need a “topic of your choice” write something unique
  • Ensure you have an outline before you write
  • Choose someone you can be objective in editing your paper
  • Write at least three drafts
  • College-Application-Essay-Writing-Help

College Application Essays

Here is an example of an application that I Wrote

There are several contributions that I will make to the world of Arab Media. One is based on the fact that I want to offer wisdom to the field of journalism. Many journalists lack the interpretive approach to reporting but I believe that given an opportunity, I can bring wisdom journalism which will offer insight as well as balance coverage to issues. I don’t believe that being first in reporting an incidence should make one a good journalist, however, I enhance reporting that is helpful and explanatory and this is the dimension I wish to bring to the world of Arab media.

I am eager and enthusiastic to bring to the media world an orientation that is ready to express views in an accurate and honest manner. I want to ensure that those people who have no voice to air their views have been heard. In addition, I will not accommodate any false news or even suppress the facts in order to safeguard an individual or organization. The aspect of honesty is something I cherish in daily interaction and I want to bring this on board. My reporting in the media world will not always focus on what people want to hear, but on the truth and what people can feel and not what they want told.

There are olden ways of reporting news which are slowly being overcome with the advent of technology. As a journalist in Arab media, I hope to experiment with new formats. For instance, I want to bring a technological focus to story and photo approach that is quite different from the traditional method.

Sabria Jawhar is one of the new faces in the media world in Saudi Arabia that remains a true inspiration to me and many. Though journalism was not her first profession, she has defied several odds to become a public figure that advocates for change. It is worth noting that she could have stayed and worked in her first profession which is in linguistics but rather chose media as a way of bring change to the society. Her life is an inspiration to many journalists considering that she has defied stereotypes to become the emerging new breed in Saudi journalism. Furthermore, being a female she has demonstrated that many women can take an aggressive approach and be part of addressing some of the reforms needed in Saudi Arabia. While there are several journalists who have been in the field for long, they have not been able to undertake an aggressive approach to addressing some of the much needed reforms in Saudi Arabia.

She also maintains that it is the work of journalists who should present an image of the nation. It is only through effective reporting, that Sabria Jawhar acknowledges will bring a better understanding of Saudi issues to the West. Many editors continue to recognize her role in shaping a better understanding towards issues. This is why her leadership traits continue to receive acclamation. Despite her religion, being a native from Madinah, the journalist does not shy away from taking liberal positions on political as well as social issues.

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